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T3PA loadcell mod

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Why a load cell?

The load cell mod transforms your brake into a pressure sensitive pedal, like a real car. This means you can use your 'muscle memory', resulting in more braking precision. This leads to more consistency in your laps and, in most cases, faster lap times.

Enhance your sim racing experience now!

Which pedal set is the load cell mod suited for?

The load cell mod is designed for the Thrustmaster T3PA pedal sets that have the Conical brake mod included. This set can be purchased separately but is also bundled with the following Thrustmaster steering wheels:

  • T-GT
  • TS-XW Racer
  • T150 Pro
  • TMX Pro
  • T300 RS GT Edition
  • T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition
  • TX Leather Edition

The load cell mod is not compatible with the T3PA-Pro pedal set.


What's the difference between 10 and 20 kg pressure?

The 20kg loadcell needs 20kg (44 lbs) of pedal pressure to reach maximum brake force. The 10kg version only needs 10kg (22 lbs), which is about the same pressure as needed for the conical rubber mod. If your pedals are hard mounted (and they should!), choose the 20kg. Otherwise, choose the 10kg.

How should the mod be installed?

The mod can easily be installed on the bracket for the Conical brake mod. Then, plug in two connectors and you're ready to race.

Is there a difference in brake feeling?

With the mod installed, the brake padel has less travel, just like when the Conical brake mod is in place. The biggest difference is the fact that your brake is now pressure sensitive. This makes is possible to use your muscle memory for applying brake force.

How does the mod work?

The back of the brake pedal presses on a rubber damper, fitted on load cell. This is a pressure sensitive resistor. The signal is amplified by a chip in the control box.

Which gaming platform is the mod compatible with?

The mod works with any platform that works with the T3PA pedal set.




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