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Members Introduction - Let's get to know each other!

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Hello, Guys and Girls!!!

Let's get to know each other with quick introduction of ourselfs!

Few words about our personality, interests and what makes us rollin` !

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Staring with me!

My name is Krassi and I am the person behind PLAYGASM! I am producer and host at PLAYGASM - Gaming TV show in Bulgaria. Before having my own show I was part from NEXT TV - another gaming tv show.

I am crazy about motorbikes and my X-Ray pictures can confirm that!;) I am Lifeguard also, love to swim and spend time on the beach!:)

One of the deepest involved in the gaming persons in Bulgaria! I really love the Simracing - as I love the Racing in general!

In the Simracing Hobby I met one of the best guys ever and I count them like real life friends!

Huge Coffee Lover!

Huge Coca-Cola Lover!

I will be really happy if I see you here Guys and for me will be real honor if you feel PLAYGASM like your place,too!

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Hi! At last Krassimir for the masses!! I've known kras through simracing for 4 years and he's a great guy! Always ready to help anyone out.

I've been computer game racing since 97' but seriously simracing since 2010. I'm a huge FANATEC fanboy and a massive lover of IRACING. In real life I'm an f1 watching dad and together with my teammates from NYOTA UHURA INT. who I class as my best mates, I trawl the forums looking for interesting tidbits and factoids as well as the latest news in the simracing world.

So hi all and shout me anytime!

Come on Kras!! Lests get it Rollin' !!

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