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SimXperience GS-5 G-Force Seat Available Now

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It’s here! The feedback from our initial launch has been overwhelmingly positive. Be one of the first to experience the long awaited, much anticipated GS-5 G-Force Seat by SimXperience!

The motorized GS-5 G-seat creates extreme seat-of-the-pants forces just like in a real race car! Feel all the simulated twists, turns, bumps, accelerations, and insane braking forces real drivers experience as you pilot a race car around your favorite virtual track.

The SimXperience GS-5 G-Seat is a full 6DOF motion feedback system for flight or racing simulation. Unlike other motion devices, the GS-5 can produce strong sustained motion feedback and can respond to all up/down, side-to-side, and forward/backward G-forces that occur in the simulation. Almost any motion cue you feel in a real car or plane can be conveyed by a SimXperience G-Seat


The G-Seat also includes a free copy of the SimXperience Commander Software, allowing the racing simulator to provide physics based tactile feedback (SimVibe), virtual dashboard features, virtual button box features, and the highly customizable SimXperience “Sim Setup” Buttons for organizing and launching simulation titles. The SimXperience 6DOF G-Seat is fully integrated with and controlled by the SimXperience Sim Commander software offering excellent tunability of motion settings as well as support for a wide variety of simulation titles.


  • Bolt-on, Easy to Integrate Motion Feedback System
  • Easily bolts to any SimXperience Stage Series Racing Simulator
  • USB-Ready Plug & Play
  • Realtime customizable motion profiles can be custom tuned to represent any vehicle with ease!
  • SimXperience Exclusive SimVibe Technology Compliments Motion With True Physics Based Vibratory / Tactile Feedback (software included)


Compatible Products::

Price $2,999.00


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