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  1. Hello, Guys and Girls!!! Let's get to know each other with quick introduction of ourselfs! Few words about our personality, interests and what makes us rollin` !
  2. Krassi

    Heusinkveld H-Shifter Prototype

    I really want to see it like final product, soon!
  3. Krassi

    Aiologs Sequential Shifter and Handbrake Review

    Both are great devices - I have those and you can see them on my rig!;)
  4. Krassi

    Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint

    I like Hesinkveld products and I hope in 2019 will have at least one of them!;)
  5. Krassi

    (Help)DIY Handbrake

    I will do some research!:) And Welcome in PLAYGASM!
  6. Krassi

    Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports

    Its beautiful! I dont mind to use the "Safety screw for permanent mount on wheel base"🙂
  7. Btw, some guys mentioned the motor getting hot - So I plan to use its heat in the winter to warm my place! haha:)
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  9. This is the best adapter for gaming ever made! Infact before release of the product it was unreal that will do so much mumjo jumbo things in one device !;)
  10. Here we can discuss our SW7C/SW7C+ panel settings and ingame settings. Share your experience here!:)
  11. Krassi

    Fanatec Black Friday Sale

    Fanatec Black Friday Sale
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    Just for example.jpg

  13. Welcome, Guys Here we can show our RSEAT cockpits and share experience!
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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules
  15. Staring with me! My name is Krassi and I am the person behind PLAYGASM! I am producer and host at PLAYGASM - Gaming TV show in Bulgaria. Before having my own show I was part from NEXT TV - another gaming tv show. I am crazy about motorbikes and my X-Ray pictures can confirm that!;) I am Lifeguard also, love to swim and spend time on the beach!:) One of the deepest involved in the gaming persons in Bulgaria! I really love the Simracing - as I love the Racing in general! In the Simracing Hobby I met one of the best guys ever and I count them like real life friends! Huge Coffee Lover! Huge Coca-Cola Lover! I will be really happy if I see you here Guys and for me will be real honor if you feel PLAYGASM like your place,too!
  16. As title said: I want to buy Fanatec Faulty CSR Elite or Clubsport Wheel From European region! Thanks!
  17. As the titles says - I want to buy Fanatec CSR Elite F1 rim. It can be even faulty, preffer to be in Europe!