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    Well as this is a brand new community, Iam not expecting much at this moment. But what is the most wanted request that you would like to see sooner. That's on iRacing's current road map?
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    Hello, Guys and Girls!!! Let's get to know each other with quick introduction of ourselfs! Few words about our personality, interests and what makes us rollin` !
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    Hi! At last Krassimir for the masses!! I've known kras through simracing for 4 years and he's a great guy! Always ready to help anyone out. I've been computer game racing since 97' but seriously simracing since 2010. I'm a huge FANATEC fanboy and a massive lover of IRACING. In real life I'm an f1 watching dad and together with my teammates from NYOTA UHURA INT. who I class as my best mates, I trawl the forums looking for interesting tidbits and factoids as well as the latest news in the simracing world. So hi all and shout me anytime! Come on Kras!! Lests get it Rollin' !!
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    I really want to see it like final product, soon!
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    Both are great devices - I have those and you can see them on my rig!;)
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    Introduction We are very proud to announce that we are on the verge of releasing a new race simulator pedal set: The Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint. This all new pedal set is the result of a intensive development project in which we’ve used years of experience with high-end simulator pedal sets, feedback from our customers and all new methods for automated testing of prototypes. All mechanicals, electronics and software have been designed from the ground up, resulting in a top-of the line racing simulator product. Not only have we improved on our previous designs, some of the innovations in the Sim Pedals Sprint are completely new for the simracing industry as a whole. In terms of set-up options, our new SmartControl software adds a layer of software-based configuration options on top of extensive mechanical adjustability. An overview of key improvements and more product photos can be found in the Sim Pedals Sprint preview brochure (8 pages PDF). A small photo pack can be downloaded here (ZIP). Please note that the images show a pre-production prototype, the final product will see minor changes. Timetable towards release We expect the Sim Pedals Sprint to go on sale in the 4th quarter of 2018. Production orders have already been made and we’re now receiving parts for assembly. During the Sim Racing Expo (September 14-15-16) visitors can view and test pre-production prototypes of the Sim Pedals Sprint. Pricing We expect pricing of the Sim Pedals Sprint to be roughly similar to our Sim Pedals Pro (719 EUR including VAT for EU-customers, 594 EUR excluding VAT for non-EU customers for a 3-pedal set). We will also be offering 2-pedal sets again as well as a much improved mounting baseplate (optional). Final pricing will be set at the moment of release. Phasing out of the Sim Pedals Pro The Sim Pedals Sprint will replace the Sim Pedals Pro in our product line-up. The Sim Pedals Pro will remain on sale for a discounted price until stock runs out or until the moment we release the Sim Pedals Sprint. We want to reassure all our Sim Pedals Pro owners that we will support your pedals for many years to come. Because of the modular design it’s straightforward for us to offer replacement parts, or produce new parts/pedals if needed. You can rely on our continuous support.
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    I like Hesinkveld products and I hope in 2019 will have at least one of them!;)
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    I will do some research!:) And Welcome in PLAYGASM!
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    Staring with me! My name is Krassi and I am the person behind PLAYGASM! I am producer and host at PLAYGASM - Gaming TV show in Bulgaria. Before having my own show I was part from NEXT TV - another gaming tv show. I am crazy about motorbikes and my X-Ray pictures can confirm that!;) I am Lifeguard also, love to swim and spend time on the beach!:) One of the deepest involved in the gaming persons in Bulgaria! I really love the Simracing - as I love the Racing in general! In the Simracing Hobby I met one of the best guys ever and I count them like real life friends! Huge Coffee Lover! Huge Coca-Cola Lover! I will be really happy if I see you here Guys and for me will be real honor if you feel PLAYGASM like your place,too!
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